Time Bandit for Scriptographer is the first tool that allows you to create animations on Illustrator.
It was created by Karian Foehr, Diego Thonney and Jan Abbellan. Thanks to scriptographer.

You need the flash plugin to see what is normally here.

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  1. Nice!

  2. cimer poto!!! ;D c bon ca!!!!

  3. Excellent Agent K! time bandit is our!

  4. very nice… congrats…

  5. Wicked script, thanks for sharing. I plan on using this someday…

  6. [...] There are some new scripts available for Scriptographer, including Time Bandit, which lets you animate directly in Illustrator. Check out this example on The Consortium. [...]

  7. Whoa, this really extends the functionality of Illustrator! Incredible plugin

  8. [...] assez avancées (style, fonte, taille…). À voir aussi, la petite animation Flash exportée : http://www.ak6.ch/consortium/?p=653 suggestions : toki woki. gol project. paper plane. adobe & vista. red interactive agency. tags : [...]

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